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With our reliable solutions and excellent service we support industry partners in optimizing their processes and improving their products. We help professional craftspeople to reach optimum results efficiently and consumers to fulfill their daily tasks and projects at home, in office or at the DIY workbench with ease.

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Self-adhesive product and system solutions for all kinds of industries that optimize production processes and enhance products while also providing advanced customer service.

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Double-sided, powerfully adhesive mounting tapes for the secure mounting of objects (e.g. mirrors or coat racks)

High-quality adhesive products for smart mounting, renovating, and decorating as well as many other adhesive solutions making everyday life at home and the office easier!

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Experience our product range for professional users like painters, plumbers, or professional carton sealing companies.

Whether for construction, packaging, or renovation – we offer high-quality adhesive tapes for the many different requirements of professional craftsmen.

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tesa as a brand, technology company and expert in adhesive applications.

tesa Sugru Mouldable Glue

Sugru is the world’s first multi-purpose mouldable glue that sets strong by turning into silicone rubber.

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We employ more than 4900 people worldwide. Become one of us.

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Leben ist Kleben
Adhesive by Nature

Nature is a laboratory of superlatives and full of organisms that produce adhesives with breathtaking properties.

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Creating a tape that fulfills the requirements of demanding applications is a complex task. Here you can find out more about the basics of tape technology.

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